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7 Top Best Debt Collection Agencies Uk – FAQs

We will be putting you through a list of recommended Debt Collection Agencies Uk that might better suit your specific demands.

From our pervasive period of analysis, we know that the choice of a debt collection agency in the UK is Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd, shellacking the competition with its speed and expense for money.

For an even more easier and comfortable way to find the right debt collection service, you can make use of a free quote-finding tool. You simply answer a few prompt questions about what you demand, and it matches you with the most appropriate agency.

They’ll then provide you with more information and no-accountability quotes.

Over here is a list of recommendable debt collection agencies UK

Top Best Debt Collection Agencies Uk

In this section, I will succinctly list the top-rated Debt Collection Agencies Uk that has policies tailored for your needs. You should visit their web page to get more information about them.

Cabot Financial


Cabot Financial

This agency’s scope of business consists of debt recovery and debt purchase services – which can be imperative for recovering crucial debts.

Cabot Financial is one of the prominent debt collection agencies UK. It provides the most suitable approach to debtors.

In case you are looking for one-off collections on case-by-case support, or to thoroughly deploy your credit management, Cabot Financial can help you out.

It also has an experienced customer service team as well as people-oriented staff who should be on hand to advise you from one end to the other at each step of the process.

Cabot offers a considerable range of credit management services across a broad client base that involves some of the biggest credit providers in Europe.

These services are inclusive of debt servicing offerings such as early-stage collections, business process redistributing, reliant collections, trace services, and prosecution activities.

Cabot has over 15 years of debt purchase and debt servicing experience and it was one of the first companies that were enlisted in the credit management services market in the United Kingdom.

Cabot has won various industry accolades over the years inclusive of being the best law firm of the year and best susceptible customer strategy provider.

P&J Consumer Debt Services

This is the next on our list of the best Uk’s debt collection agencies.

Medical debt is a thing of concern that is thriving in the UK and Whether it’s for logistics or deliberation outside of the NHS, it can be of high cost seeing a private practitioner.

Likewise, these charges can soon heighten our control, making it hard to make payment of what you owe. In such cases, you might get a letter from a company like P&J Debt Collection Services.

We take a look at some easy steps you can take to handle the debt collection service.

P&J is a UK-wide debt collection agency with at least 20 years of experience and has over 25,000 clients. It offers inventive and economical services anticipated at helping individuals, small businesses, and large institutions.

This agency provides a large number of enticements for their clients inclusive of ‘no recovery, no fee’ policies in conjunction with offering no tie-in preferences.

It is a restrictive bespoke collection service entirely for medical consultants. We are one of the very few agencies in the UK to provide a debt collection service entirely for medical accounts.

This aids that all our staff has in-depth knowledge in all prospects of the medical collection.

Access Credit Management

Access Credit Management

Access Credit Management agencies practice exclusively in dealing with both UK and international debt. This shows that it is a organization for businesses that do transactions with overseas clients.

The agency has authorization from the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals and is also legally licensed under both the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and the Data Protection Act 2018.

This company’s basic services are inclusive of debt recovery, outsourced credit collection, and inadequacy preferences.

Access credit is one of the most recommended debt collection agencies in the UK. Access Credit agencies offer UK & international debt recovery, credit management, credit domination, credit insurance, business finance, and inadequacy services to a wide scope of organizations, large and small, national and international.

Furthermore, this agency takes the time to recognize your business demands. So, whether you require support to develop or modify your company credit policy and preferences, you have required credit information or need a full or partial outsourced credit control service.

We are eligible to provide a tailored solution that meets your exigencies. It is one of the best debt collection agencies UK.



Hilton-Baird is a professional and top-notch service provider which can aid businesses with essential offers from singular collection to managing your entire debt recovery enterprises.

This agency offers services inclusive of debt recovery, receivables management, debt purchase, and credit control services –in dispersion through – and it takes of multiples industries across the UK, such as the financial and retail sections.

It is a reliable and friendly collection agency that can assure you of effective results as well pertinent to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Hilton-Baird is independent, and with proficiency across the commercial finance market and professional knowledge of the invoice finance sections, our approach to a multitude of banks, self-reliant funders, and invoice finance companies aid we can objectively find your business the remedies that fit, it offers the foundations ability to grow and meet its full potential.

We perceive that some business is different. Fundamentally, we work intimately with you to fully get to know your business’s unique funding demand and oppositions so that we can establish the most earmark facility.

You can try Hilton Baird, they offer unspeakable services.


Rossendales is a self-reliant debt collection agency that services businesses all through England and Wales. Rossendales has over 250 clients is exclusively popular with landlords, notwithstanding both public and private section enterprises.

It uses inventive etiquette such as SMS messaging to reassure better response assessment and offers dependable online services to aid both creditors and debtors coordinate their balances.

This is a reliable and experienced organization, Rossendales will work out the best expense rate and services for your business’s exigencies.

It is one of the credible debt collection agencies UK


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Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited

Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited

DCBL is not much many debt collection services that can claim to star in their very own TV shows; Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited (DCBL) is the exception.

And if you’ve ever tuned in its Channel 5 shows Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! Then you’ll be reassured that the DCBL team means business.

Debt recovery cases need to be approached variously, and that’s literally what DCBL does – all for a fixed rate, with no hidden charges.

Experience has proven that DCBL, that a phone call has usually only get you so far; person-to-person contact enhances its success rate, and its staff isn’t terrified to do just that.

If it’s speedy results and proficient service you’re after, you’d be difficult pushed to find a better service.



DLC is one of the biggest privately retained debt collection services in the UK. It provides a range of collection services inclusive of debt purchase, outsourced collections, litigation as well as tracing.

DLC is extremely experienced and works with each respective client to provide the best preference for their needs to be reached.

This agency solely deals in servicing enormous corporate clients. It has collected accreditation from numerous respected credit and trading standards organizations.

It focuses on both helping clients retrieve debts successfully and ensuring fairness for debtors.

They specialize in receiving payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses.
DLC receives debts on behalf of HMRC for overpayment of tax credits, and companies like Sheilas Wheels, Argo Card Services, and the like.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

  • What is a Debt Collection Agency

A Debt Collection Agency is an institution that acts as a middle man to individuals, businesses, and companies who need assistance in collecting their debts.

Basically, debt collection companies take some percentage of the debt collected. Their service procedure includes:

  • Sending letters via email, post, or fax to clients to notify them of the debt and late payment
  • Contacting the client to request payment
  • locating clients who have closed or moved operations
  • Litigation
  • Debt settlement

Debt collection agencies can put pressure on their clients but they must work under the auspices of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

They have to abide by this act in all their doings.

  • Can debt collection agencies take you to court UK?

A big YES to this question.

If you owe money and paying up becomes a problem, the debt collection agency can take you to court to sign a CCJ against you which will absolutely order you to pay your debt.

Although they have no authority to send a bailiff on you.

They could only send agents to your home to get the money. These agents are likely to pressure you until you get to an agreement with them.

The debt Collection agencies Uk observe the same rules as the original lending company which means they are entitled to the same rights.

  • Which Debt Collection Company Uk is the best

Expert Market reviews the following  Debt Collection Agency Uk as the best

Debt Collection Agency


            Ratings Best For


Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited                        4.5  Best overall debt collection agency
Cabot Financial                        4.5 Best for a compassionate approach
DLC                         4 Best for large, corporate companies
P&J Consumer Debt Services                       3.5 Best for small businesses or individuals
Access Credit Management                         4 Best for businesses with international clients
Hilton-Baird                        3.5 Best for outsourcing all your debt recovery needs
Rossendales                        4 Best for landlords


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There you have it, The Top Best Debt Collection Agencies Uk.

We have scoured the net and brought to you the best of the best Uk debt collecting institutions.

They are sure to offer amazing services in bringing debtors to comply. We have as well given answers to some frequently asked questions about Debt Collection Agencies.

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