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Credit Reference Agencies are financial services firms that administer credit ratings, which are statements on the creditworthiness of an issuer or safety.

Any lawful person expecting to allocate credit ratings in the UK for administrative purposes, publicly or by subscription, will require to be enlisted or certified with us.

CRA will be necessary to you if you think that you have never been in debt of any kind because they are used by lenders such as banks, loan companies, and retailers to determine whether or not to give you credit for things such as mortgages and store cards.

This agency performs an essential role within global financial markets by equipping opinions on the creditworthiness of a wide variety of financial instruments.

Credit rating enterprises must be conducted in agreement with the principles of integrity, translucency, commitment, and fair governance to ensure those resulting credit ratings used in the UK are self-dependent, objective, and of acceptable quality.

In the UK, firms make use of credit ratings in the calculation of their capital necessities and for assessing dangers in investment activity.

UK firms utilizing ratings for regulatory use in the UK need to use ratings that are issued or endorsed by the UK recorded or certified CRA.

CRA owns a range of information regarding most adults in the UK including last credit history which is communicated with lenders to help them make their conclusions based on their specific measures.

If this report gives you a poor credit rating/score with that respective lender, you may be denied credit and if the information that CRAs hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, you could be declined it unfairly.

Objectives of Credit Reference Agencies.

Credit Reference Agencies specialize in the following:

Credit bureaus equip some of the information creditors and lenders use to assist them to make important lending conclusions.

While credit bureaus compile credit information to make it known to certain third parties, the decision to reject or approve someone’s credit eventually lies with the lender or creditor.

Credit rating agencies react to market information carefully after in-depth research of the events and then they react because it is difficult to behave upon rarities in the financial markets and also it alters the volatility, so agencies keep every angle in their proficiency while rating obligors.

Credit Reference Agency helps in providing superior and sound-based information to investors at low rates.

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Top Best Credit Reference Agencies

Here is a list of our four registered and certified Credit Reference Agencies:


Callcredit was previously named TransUnion, one of the four UK Credit Reference Agencies that receives and provides credit history and public record facts to businesses and buyers. 

Callcredit is a multinational information and insights company.

They make use of data, software, and technology smartly and help make trust potential in the modern economy.

This is done by delivering an encyclopedic picture of each person so they can be reliably and safely portrayed in the marketplace.

This aids to drive better decisions that enable secure friction right customer ventures and promotes greater engagement through better proposals and communications.

As a result, businesses and consumers can transact with confidence and accomplish great things. This is called Information for Good.

Callcredit provides solutions that help build economic opportunity, great experiences, and personal franchises for millions of people in more than 30 countries.

It is one of the best Credit Reference Agencies.



Crediva is a LexisNexis Risk Solutions company (part of the RELX Group), a director in delivering vital information to assist companies, across both industry and government, to evaluate, predict and manage risk.

This company is dedicated to providing solutions to support businesses to assess credit risk more equitably, thereby developing credit availability to a more varied range of UK residents.

At Crediva we are determined to ensure that business is conducted in agreement to relentless ethical, professional, and legal pinnacles. Our workers and services cling to all applicable UK laws and regulations.

This agency offers businesses and other organizations a range of decisive, potent, and innovative consumer identification products, which immediately call upon an extensive range of consumer information, at the subject level, to help mitigate the chance of fraud and money laundering.

It is one of the top-rated Uk Credit Reference Agencies. For an amazing service, contact them now!



Equifax is one of the best Uk credit reference agencies that offer superb services.

It is a global data and technology company. They believe that knowledge drives progress.

Our distinctive data assets, technology, and analytics transform knowledge into insights to power decisions that drive people forward.

They act as a consumer supporter, stewards of financial literacy, and advocates of economic improvement.

As a visionary global company that facilitates access to credit, part of breakthrough associations and innovations that manage complex social challenges such as social welfare, community relations, and financial schooling for deprived youth.

They establish relationships that assemble economically healthy communities.

They support individuals in attaining financial independence by boosting access to capital for small businesses and equip young adults entering college or university with financial education tools.

Over the last decade, They have generated the best and most distinctive data in the world to support businesses make the right decisions for their customers.

Associated with leading analytics abilities, They provide the knowledge that helps Equifax to provide our customers with better insights, greater flexibility, and a faster time to market.

At the exact time, they also enable consumers by equipping the personal information, education, and tools they require to make better financial decisions.

At Equifax, we consider Corporate Social Responsibility is more significant than simple philanthropic investments by leveraging our worker’s skillsets and their passion to contribute, we are capable to create a positive and measurable result.

To support the communities in which we live and work.

To improve the financial capacity, and eventually contribute to a more optimistic future for consumers around the globe.



Experian is considered to be an American–Irish multinational consumer credit reporting company.
Experian compiles and aggregates data on over 1 billion people and corporations including 235 million respective U.S. clients and more than 25 million U.S. companies.
This company exists in a world built on data; it is universal, growing in power and leverage. At Experian, they have always considered that data has the potential to change lives and develop a better tomorrow.
To do this data requires to be understood, analyzed and the knowledge it carries acted on.
They work to do just this: unclose the potentials that data holds and assist people and organizations in realizing the opportunities harbored within.

Experian handles the role of compiling and keeping people’s credit information and other pertinent data.

Using this information to assist companies and their customers. Assuring that your data is correct, accurate, and fraud-free.

This agency helps in setting people in control – enabling people to comprehend and take control of their credit while protecting themselves from identity larceny and fraud.


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Experian unlocks the capability of data to produce opportunities for consumers, companies, and society. 
They help people take financial control and access financial services, companies make smarter decisions and thrive, lenders, lend more responsibly, and associations prevent identity forgery and corruption.
If you’re an Experian commercial client, they may hold details about your name, phone number, email address, and your work address.
Your profile may also be associated with other commercially diplomatic documents stored in their system, where you negotiate with Experian in your position as a potential client.
Here are some of the offers that Experian provides:
  • Free Credit Score.
  • Free Experian Boost.
  • 3-Bureau Credit Report and FICO® Scores.
  • Free Credit Monitoring.

Which is the best  Uk Credit Reference Agency

Out of the four agencies listed in this post, Call Credit, Equifax, and Experian are acknowledged as the best.

This doesn’t mean that Crediva isn’t credible but these three are the most used.

According to Debt Camel, below is the percentage of usage.

Credit Reference Agencies Percentage of Usage
Experian                   76%
Equifax                   54%
Call Credit CRA(Transunion)                   30%


How do you check your Credit Score?

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